PERFECT bed grates -

PERFECT bed grates

Price: 180.00225.00

Made of natural wood.


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Made of natural wood. Load capacity 150 kg. The base of the bed is strong and durable. The small gaps between the grids also easily stabilize the comfort and optimal ventilation of the mattress. Grates are made of 2 parts. Can be attached to the bed frame in the middle.

  • Material: wood
  • Overall dimensions: 80 x 200 cm (width x length)
  • Rubber tips
  • Height of the grid 6.5 cm, thickness 10 mm.

The dimensions given are normative, i.e. they indicate for which bed they are suitable. The grate is 4 cm shorter and 1 cm narrower to fit the bed frame.


PERFECT lovos grotelės
PERFECT lovos grotelės
PERFECT lovos grotelės
PERFECT lovos grotelės
PERFECT lovos grotelės

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