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Mes puoselėjame kokybę ir vertiname natūralumą

Mūsų misija - kurti ir gaminti baldus ir interjero detales, pagamintus iš natūralių medžiagų, kurie atspindėtų ilgaamžes tradicijas ir kertines vertybes šiuolaikiniame moderniame gyvenime



Išsirinkti savo dar niekuomet nebuvo taip paprasta! JOKIO ilgo užsakymo termino. Sandėlyje turime visas apdailas ir visus modelius. Pristatysime per 3-5 darbo dienas!



🖤Don't forget that on the clothes racks should be a stylish hanger NAME, made of steel with laser cutting, which gets its shape through several bends.
🖤If you had to choose the most important piece of furniture for your home, it would probably be a table. For lunch, for dinner, in the dining room, in the kitchen. The centre of family gatherings and holidays.
🖤This week it's all about the details in our products, the material cork oak. The chocolate-colored, naturally burnt cork is ideal for seating furniture. It comes as raw material for our products from the factory "Sofalca" in Portugal. Cork has a number of great properties. It is elastic, strong and light, insensitive to moisture, heat and sound and almost non-flammable. The cork material is non-allergenic and does not release toxic substances into the environment.
🖤Our goal to involve different designers in product development is paying off. More and more talented people join us and together we create something special. Jurgis Judžentis improved and redesigned the MOUND poufs. This product designer acquired his technological knowledge while studying industrial product design and developed his sense of aesthetics while working together with Scandinavian designers.
"In my work, I seek harmony between technology, design and man. Finding a balance between simplicity and complexity, between playfulness and seriousness, between form and function is a main daily challenge to create a good design."
🖤The search for materials and their shades took more than a week. We wanted to offer a choice of several different materials in their composition, durability, shades.

We chose 3 variants: Wool, line and recycled cotton.

Wool is associated with warmth, houses, sheep farms, the life of elders. There will be 7 color variations and we dedicated this series to the earth: milk, sun, amber, forest green, stone gray, mist and sand.

Line also had to be. A well-known and simply necessary material. pouf for summer house, cottage, stylish villas. Hopefully, the options ring linen and steel. Colors: sage, dunes and charcoal.

We're most proud of our choice of recycled cotton this time around. We have dedicated this series to the theme of water. When it comes to the pollution of the oceans, the protection of marine flora and fauna, we were looking for a material that we can associate with good deeds. In the recycled cotton color collection you will also find bright colors that are not typical for us: Sand, oysters, ocean, deep sea, coral, swamp, stone, sludge.
🖤MOUND poufs came this year with a change. Improved shapes, materials. We say that it was very desirable to renew before spring. We have not changed the shape significantly - just a few much needed touches from the product designer. The pouf has become more beautiful, lighter, there is not so much "noise" in the overall picture.
Appreciate the changes and follow our news - we will soon tell you much more..

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🤍Concrete is one of our favorite materials. W-concrete table details. Natural and simplicity. 

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🤍🖤Great contrast between black and natural.  Which W-Concrete table do you like more?
🖤Black W-Concrete Table surface and texture details. We love so much concrete and food art.
🤍Just open the door to your bedroom. How your bedroom might look with SILENT night/bedside table?

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🤍Closer look at our trademark on SILENT night/bedside table made by laser cutting. It's all in the details. 

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🤍SILENT The industrial bedroom/night table is made of oak and steel. The oak is oiled.
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